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Review our ad rates and ad policy for text link ads, hyperlinks, and site sponsorships to see if advertising on Exploring Northwest Florida is right for you.

Exploring Northwest Florida began from my love of finding fun things to do in my own backyard. I love history, museums, picnicking in state parks, hiking on nature trails and buying goodies in bakeries. Whether it’s taking a tour through a historic district or talking to local wine makers, everything I write about on this website is some place I’ve been to and I believe in. It’s what I do.

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Editorial Versus Advertising

For years as a newspaper and magazine writer I felt myself above the advertising fray. We in the newsroom had editorial neutrality – journalistic integrity – and we didn’t mix with the Advertising Sales People. Still, in the backs of our newsprint-covered minds we knew that the sales people were the ones who paid us for our words. True, there wouldn’t be a paper without the writers, but we would all be starving wordsmiths without the ad folks.

So, when I realized, like a newspaper, that Exploring Northwest Florida needed to be funded, I decided the first thing to do, before figuring out ad rates, was to take a look at our readership.

About Our Readers and Our Web Site

Exploring Northwest Florida readers may be Exploring my backyard, but they don’t necessarily live in my backyard. Although, they may live in or often visit Northwest Florida, they also come from all over the world, from places like China, India, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Argentina, the Czech Republic, and the good old USA. All together, folks in over 30 countries have found their way to Northwest Florida through the virtual world of this website.

web traffic

The good news is that they don’t eat and run. Once they find us, they stay a while (on average reading two to three pages per visit) and come back (our repeat visitor rate is over 50%). They also visit us on Facebook and leave their comments and Likes.

Visit Florida, the official tourism marketing organization for the state, says that visitors to an area don’t stay in one location. They don’t care about county lines when it comes to where they want to eat, things they want to do, and places they want to see. They will travel and seek out new experiences, and they like to research before they get there. For restaurant owners, hotel and resort mangers, bed and breakfast innkeepers, Realtors, and condo rental agents that means web-based advertising opportunities.

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Ad Policy and Affiliate Disclosure

This is not a commercial website. My mission is to offer clear, informational content for readers to use at their discretion about places I find interesting and fun. Exploring Northwest Florida is the only regional travel guide devoted to covering the 16-county area from Monticello just east of Tallahassee to Pensacola and all points in between.

Through honest reviews and reporting, both the website and its Facebook page have become a trusted source for visitors seeking information about the area. I am not influenced by advertisers, sponsorships, or affiliate relationships in the development and writing of this content.

That said, much as I’d like to be, I’m not independently wealthy. It takes time to build a web site that is content rich and research heavy – time and money. So, finding a way to support my travel habit and still maintain the integrity of this information-based site requires a delicate balance.

In the interest of full disclosure, be it known that Exploring Northwest Florida accepts advertising, site sponsorships, and has affiliate relationships with a number of businesses. We receive compensation from some, if not all, of these relationships through ad rates and through referral commissions for the purpose of funding this web site.

Regarding advertising on this site, readers and advertisers should know that I only accept direct advertisements (no third party brokers) from providers of high-quality goods or services. In turn, I appreciate their recognition of the value and support of Exploring Northwest Florida as an informational travel guide.

A note here about the "Ads by Google" that you’ll see throughout the web site. They are not based on this site's ad rates and are not chosen by me. They are selected and placed by Google’s advertiser program. In theory, the page content should determine the ads, but you’ll find some pretty off the wall ads sometimes (gotta love that belly fat ad). So, if you see a Google ad and a site page that are on the same topic, please know it is pure coincidence.

Exploring Northwest Florida is also a participant in the Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed for sites to earn advertising fees and commissions by advertising and linking to I do this primarily for the book reviews so that if you decide you want to purchase a book that I have reviewed, you can do so immediately through this web site.

Lastly, please note that if you do choose to click on a link and/or purchase something from one of our sponsors, whether it is Google, Amazon or SBI, be aware that I may get a commission. These commissions are small and are not the reason I recommend a product or service. However, I do ask you to support my sponsors whenever possible. They are good folks and good businesses and I appreciate them and their support.

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Why Advertise with Exploring Northwest Florida

Exploring Northwest Florida seeks quality partnerships to advance the purpose of the website, which is to offer well researched travel information and content to its readers. We offer simple, no-nonsense advertising opportunities in two categories, text link hyperlinks and site sponsorships. All requests for advertising are subject to approval.

Here are three simple facts about this website:
1. For the past year, we have had an average growth rate of 14.7% per month for unique visitors coming to the site.

2. Each visitor to the site reads an average of 2.42 pages.

3. In a Google search we are currently number one on the list for “Northwest Florida Travel”, one, two and three for both “Exploring Northwest Florida” and “Northwest Florida Fun Facts,” and number two for “Things to do in Northwest Florida.”

google search page

We’re growing, but we have room to get bigger – a lot bigger – so if you want to reach a targeted audience interested in activities, attractions, beaches, and outdoor adventures in Northwest Florida, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you choose a simple text link or a full page sponsorship, your ad will be online 24/7 to a worldwide audience.

Our Partners

Exploring Northwest Florida Site Partners are fun people. They know, and often eat and breathe, Northwest Florida. They are owners and managers of businesses that serve regional visitors and residents alike. They want to get the word out about what their business, product, or service can do for you.

Site sponsorships are an integral part of the mission of Exploring Northwest Florida, to provide well researched travel information and content to our readers. By sponsoring a text link ad within the body copy of a page, or a full page article, our partners offer a little lagniappe to Exploring Northwest Florida readers by highlighting their goods and services.

Text Link, Hyperlinks Site Partners

Contextual link ads can be on any page except the home page, and should fit easily into the content and subject matter. Ads may be designated with the phrase “one of our sponsors” or “these local businesses” or similar within the content body copy and are below the fold.

A text ad consists of approximately 40 words (three published lines) and one hyperlink to the advertiser’s website. All links are “no follow.” The “no follow” designation simply tells search engines that the link is a paid ad and does not inhibit the experience of the human who is clicking. “No follow” is the web’s way of saying this is an advertisement. There are no exceptions to this. Don’t even ask.

Ad Rates for Text Link Ads:
6 months at $30 per month - $180
Best Deal 12 months at $25 per month - $300 (=2 free months)
15% discount for ads on two or more pages.

Payments will be handled through PayPal's secure server, using either your credit card or your PayPal account. Please indicate on the form if you wish to pay by check and note there is a 5 business day waiting period for your check to clear.

Text Link Ad Request

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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Full Page Article Site Sponsors

When I wrote for newspapers and business journals, I often wrote articles about local businesses. It was always something a bit unusual or special in some way. Sometimes it was an interesting story about how they got into the business (like wine makers who come from all walks of life) or what they were doing to create customer experience with a “Wow Factor.” I wrote the article and had no idea if the business advertised with us or not.

The same is true of Exploring Northwest Florida. If a business is worthy of coverage, I’ll cover it. If the business is interesting, different, adds value to my readers, or if I just like the people, I’ll write about it. If the business wants to become a Site Sponsor, I’m delighted.

Here is what Article Site Sponsors receive:

A 150px square button in the right hand column on all pages of the website that links to an independently written article of original content discussing the business/organization’s services, history, and mission

A form on the article page (if applicable) for potential customers to fill in and return to you.

A hyperlink to your website and complete contact information

Cupcakes on your birthday – hey, why not?

Full Page Article Site Sponsor Ad Rates are $500 for a 6-month contract and $900 for a 12-month contract

If you would like to be a Full Page Article Site Sponsor, please fill in the form below.

Site Sponsor Request

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


For questions or to discuss these ad rates or advertising options, please contact me at [email protected] so we can discuss how Exploring Northwest Florida can best meet your regional advertising needs.

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