Northwest Florida Festivals
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All times listed on the Festivals in Northwest Florida Events Calendar are U.S. Central Time Zone unless otherwise indicated.

"Now, why does she feel the need to post that?" you may ask.

I'll tell you something that a lot of people don't know or don't realize. Florida lies in two U. S. Time Zones; Eastern Time and Central Time.

Probably folks on the peninsula don't even think about it since everything they do is in Eastern Time, but we who live in Northwest Florida deal with both time zones every time we cross the Apalachicola River, which is the dividing line.

So, when I'm working on the events calendar for each month, I have to be sure to indicate the time zone. I decided since most of Northwest Florida, i.e. Pensacola, Destin, Panama City Beach, South Walton, is in the Central Time Zone, I'll only indicate Eastern Time for those events and festivals in Tallahassee, Apalachicola, Monticello and the eastern counties.

Another thing, you won't find a bunch of defunct calendars lying around this site. I hate that. I hate trying to find information about this year's events and pulling up previous year's way-out-of date calendars.

Each year, when the month kicks around, I revise the previous year's calendar, update the dates and any other pertinent information, and add any new events and festivals that I find. I can't say there isn't any old information, but I do try to keep it to a minimum.

Below are the current and upcoming calendars along with earlier calendars I'll be revising.

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for January

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for February

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for March

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for April

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for May

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for June

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for July

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for August

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for September

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for October

Northwest Florida Calendar of Events for November

Northwest Florida Holiday (December) Events

From time to time I'll also produce some specialty calendars that I'll revise as soon as I have the new dates. Until then you can use them to get an idea of what will be upcoming. For instance, check out our Haunted Attractions and Halloween Events Calendar if you're looking for haunted places and spooky events for Halloween or any time of year.

And finally, you'll see that each calendar is interactive, that is you can add to it if you know of an event I haven't included by leaving me a comment in the comments box at the bottom of the page. My purpose is to only write about the major festivals and events, generally two-days or more, but sometimes I include a one-day event if it's significant for the area. I'm not averse to having local concerts or farmers' markets, I just don't have the time to keep up with them all. So, please feel free to add them into the mix.

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