Haunted Places in Northwest Florida

Looking for haunted places in Northwest Florida? Do come inside. We’re quite a spirited group and we’re dying to show you some of our favorite haunts.

Through these woods and swamps and along these shores have passed ancient Native Americans, Spanish Conquistadors and French settlers. Confederate soldiers fought and died here, and rough and ready backwoodsmen blazed trails through the region, bringing back tales of terrible monsters and ghostly lights on the rivers.

Yes, Northwest Florida is ripe with tales of ghosts and hauntings, tragic deaths, and terrible murders. Buildings, bridges, swamps and forts; everywhere there is a possibility for paranormal activity.

Is this beautiful old church in Pensacola haunted?

There is actually quite a lot of supernatural activity in Northwest Florida and the sheer number of ghosts in the region has sparked several paranormal investigation groups. The Big Bend Ghost Trackers in Tallahassee, the Northwest Florida Paranormal Research Society in Panama City, and the Pensacola Paranormal Society are all serious ghost hunters who research, investigate and document the unexplained.

The following list is by no means complete, but it notes some of the more well-known haunted houses and haunted places in Northwest Florida. We invite you to cozy up with this gravely serious list of places you can visit that includes some of the most haunted places in Florida.

Fort Barrancas

If you visit Pensacola in search of ghosts, be sure and stop in at Fort Barrancas where it is said the spirits of Confederate soldiers killed in battle still roam the corridors. Fort Pickens, across the bay on the Gulf Islands National Seashore, is also believed to be haunted.

The corridors of Fort Barrancas hold many mysteries.

Clara Dorr House

The next time you are in the Pensacola Historic District, be sure and visit the home of Clara Dorr. She will be happy to greet you and show you around, even though she's been dead for many years. Visitors to the Door House, just off Seville Square, have reported strange happenings from tugging on their clothing to seeing objects move or hearing voices.

Pensacola Lighthouse

Claims of moving objects, human breathing, and whispering have surrounded the Pensacola Lighthouse for decades. A mysterious blood stain that cannot be cleaned and locked doors suddenly being unlocked are just some of the tales. Was the first lighthouse keeper murdered and is it his ghost that haunts the tower?

Tales of murder and ghostly happenings haunt the Pensacola Lighthouse.

Bagdad Cemetery

In the historic Village of Bagdad just off I-10 (exit 22), the Bagdad Cemetery holds secrets both day and night. During the day, the laughter of children has been heard when no children were there and at night, the tombstone of John Hanshaw, a huge marble ball atop a pedestal, has been seen and heard to rotate.

Orman House

The Orman House in Apalachicola is believed to be inhabited by some ghostly residents. There are many stories of footsteps on the stairs, door knobs rattling, and apparitions appearing. Reportedly one spirit is a butler who worked in the house and some say the original owner Thomas Orman still roams the lovely mansion.

Could the ghost of its former owner still inhabit the lovely old mansion?

Russ House

The historic Russ House in the town of Marianna gives new meaning to the term "haunted chamber." One of the town's most beautiful old homes, it is also believed to be one of the most haunted, with several ghosts inhabiting the structure. It is also inhabited by the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.


Called the “South’s Most Haunted Small Town” by ABC News, Monticello is located north of Interstate 10 at exit 225, and it is certainly one of the most haunted places in Northwest Florida. Dozens of ghosts have been identified in the town's historic buildings and a book, "Haunted Monticello Florida" has been written about the town. Monticello offers regular ghost tours and ghost hunting with the Big Bend Ghost Hunters.

The ghost of John Perkins still haunts the old Opera House.

Perkins Opera House

One of the many haunted buildings in Monticello, and perhaps the most prominent, is the 1890 Perkins Opera House. Entrepreneur John Perkins built the Romanesque Revival building but apparently never left. Strange odors have been smelled and piano music has been heard playing in the building when no one else was around.

1872 John Denham House

Named by USA Today as one of the best places to sleep with a ghost, the John Denham house is an elegant bed and breakfast that just happens to have several resident ghosts. Camera batteries drain mysteriously, lights flicker and cold spots suddenly appear, just to name a few of the unexplained happenings.

Spend the night with a ghost or two at this celebrated bed and breakfast inn.

More Haunted Places in Northwest Florida

We hope you've enjoyed our little ghostly tour. For some more haunted places in Northwest Florida as well as spooky hauntings throughout the region, click here to go to our Northwest Florida Haunted Attractions and Halloween Events Calendar.

Do you belong to a paranormal investigation group or do you know of some places we’ve missed? Please let us know. You can click here to tell us about more haunted places or to submit a photo of your own paranormal investigations.

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