How to Build a Website When You Don’t Know Anything About It!

Have you ever thought you’d like to build a website but didn’t know where to begin? That was me! I was clueless, but then I thought, hey. There are so many web services and site building programs out there, I’m sure to find something easy - and cheap. So I started looking. Soon my eyes glazed over. What I thought was going to be a quick and easy process turned out to be a mind numbing nightmare.

My Story
Okay, let’s stop and rewind here for some background information. When I first started thinking about writing Exploring Northwest Florida it was with the idea of creating a traditional travel guidebook. I’ve written and published several travel guides, but I must admit that every time a new book hits the shelves it’s still an ego trip. (“Woo hoo, look, it’s a real book!”).

I like the look, feel and smell of paper, but when I decided to write about the fun things to do in Northwest Florida, I started thinking of all those Northwest Florida trees that I’d murder in the printing (one of the traditional NW FL industries has long been logging and forestry). The more I thought about it the more I knew I needed to write an online travel guide. It would be instant and forever and readers could get current information without waiting for the annual update. But, could I build a website on my onw?

How to Build a Website for Free – Don’t
Let me say up front that I am not a patient person. I want things to happen fast, so I looked for and found one of those free “start you own business work from home” web services with a leading web hosting company. The free wasn’t free, as it turned out and the program they used was clunky, slow, and wouldn’t allow me to put the things on my site that I wanted to have unless I upgraded, which meant pay them more money. I was frustrated and going in circles.

Then I Remembered SiteSell
I actually learned about SiteSell and Site Build it! (SBI) from a fellow travel writer. He had started to build a website and was talking about it on a bulletin board. The site I had wasn’t working; actually, it was making me crazy, so I decided have a look at SBI.

First I reviewed the different kinds of businesses on the Successful Case Studies page. Then I looked at this page on how to be an “Infopreneur” and turn your knowledge into revenue. I wanted to know if anybody really used SBI other than my travel writer friend, so I visited the I Love SBI page.

I also reviewed the page on working from home and, of course, the turning your travels into an online business page. In light of my recent disaster with the other site building program, I looked at another one about web hosting is more than just bandwidth, it’s about success.

Site Build It!

But – Can You Make Money Building a Website?
Finally, I took the plunge. I went to the order page and ordered SBI. Within two days I was sitting in my office shouting, “Why didn’t I do this before!!!!”

Everything I needed was there; an easy to use step by step web design program, detailed tutorials and most importantly, the business plan to create a successful online business. With all the patience I could muster I devoured the first lessons of the tutorial and within a week had my domain name and built my home page and the first few pages. Soon I had twenty pages, then the famous 30 pages, and steady upward traffic, where I could start the money rolling in.

It’s been a few months now and I’m still writing pages, but I’m not worrying about how to build a website, I’m doing what I want to do; I’m writing a guidebook. I’m using my travels and the knowledge I have about where I live to tell other people about it, and I’m having a ball. I can’t say I’m rolling in money (yet), but this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It’s a strong and steady business building plan for the long term, and that’s what I want. I have lots of ideas for e-books, itineraries and other useful information, but I know it takes time, so I have to tell myself “down girl.”

If you want to see for yourself how SiteSell works and if it could help you build a website, whether it’s about travel, flower arranging, or the fun side of nuclear fusion, just take the Video Tour of SiteSell and see. You can also talk to a real human being who will answer your questions. I’m glad I made the decision to ditch the no results web hosting and go with SiteSell - and all it took me was several months of frustration followed by a single click.

Who knows, maybe your business success is only a click away as well. Why not go to the order page and give it a try. For more information about building your online business, whatever it may be, check out these YouTube videos. Good luck and come back and see me. I’ll be here, writing my book and building my website.

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