Cessna Landing to Churchill Bayou

by Nick Watson
(Santa Rosa Beach, FL)

Cessna Landing with the Sun Rising

Cessna Landing with the Sun Rising

Cessna Landing with the Sun Rising
Interesting rig
He was catching breakfast as I ate mine
A very peaceful Churchill Bayou

Had a great paddle this morning putting in at Cessna Landing at the new boat ramp that the TDC just had built. It is honestly not as convenient for kayakers as it used to be but on the other hand the new white sand is very pleasant to launch from. I am sure it is great for the bigger boats as the angle into the bayou is much better.

Paddled through the inside passage, which is a canal that goes behind the marshes on the south side of the anchorage in Hogtown Bayou, and came out probably 300 yards from the mouth of Churchill Bayou. Had to step out to get over some shallows as I came out of the marsh, as the water was down a bit this morning, but it was only for about five yards, so no big problem.

Went over and had a look at about a 35 foot sailboat that anchored in the bayou overnight. I was intrigued because he had something rigged that I am sure is meant to keep her more stable at anchor. You can see in the picture the white triangle of sailcloth rigged above the boom and attached to the backstay and to the two stern corners of the cockpit. It seemed to work well as she lay pointed into the wind much better than Stray Goose does on a breezy day.

Checked out the new board walk being built in the development on the western side of Churchill Bayou. The boardwalk extends right along the Hogtown shore for quite a way and by the stakes they have out there, is going to go quite a bit further. You can see it in the background behind the young heron who I watched catching his breakfast as I ate mine. I then had a quick paddle around Churchill Bayou, which is so peaceful (hope it stays that way) and then back to the landing at Cessna. The wind was steady out of the west so for once I got it right, going out against the wind and coming back down wind. All in all a fun couple of hours on the water and some good exercise that I needed badly.

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