Fort Barrancas Haunted?

by P.J.

Do the ghosts of long-dead soldiers still reside<br>at Fort Barrancas?

Do the ghosts of long-dead soldiers still reside
at Fort Barrancas?

While visiting Pensacola on a family vacation, we decided to visit Fort Barrancas on the the Pensacola Naval base. Not knowing the history, let alone knowing any stories about other people's experiences, away we went.

On the upper level the kids felt uneasy and just wanted to go to the beach. We decided to go to the next level without the kids. They would only whine and complain about the heat and the walking. As we started down the stairs and back up some more stairs I started getting an uneasy feeling. Something told me to not go to the right.

As we walked, I decided to take pictures. I kept turning around behind me, where we had walked up, and I kept seeing something moving. Not really thinking about it I kept walking. Soon, we came to the jail cells. Still taking pictures, we were quiet and no one else was around.

All of a sudden I heard moaning just ahead of me and something whispering to the left of me. Not being able to "see" where it came from I ran like I was in an Olympic race! As we were sprinting out I never looked behind me and my feet never even touched the stairs. It was almost like something was pushing me up and out the stairs.

When we got out, my husband said he had seen the cell door move, had turned to tell me about it and saw I was sprinting down the hall. We realized these events all happened at the same time. It was his mother that told us about the ghostly stories. Now we can add ours.

Editor - Wow, what a great personal experience ghostly tale. When I was there, I too found myself on a level where there were no other "live" humans and it was really creepy. Fortunately, a ghost didn't bother me or I'd still be running and screaming. Thanks, P.J., for sharing this.

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